29 and counting

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Happy birthday to me ! Before anyone wishing me, let me wish myself a happy birthday and a pat on my back for surviving this life, so far.

I’ll be 29 years old this year. Phew, a year more before entering the big 3-oh. How do I feel? I feel fine. Pressured? No. Left behind? No.
I feel fine. I am grateful to god for granting me such a fine life, there are ups and down, and am at the darkest year of my life, but am still surviving. I thank my parents for being there for me, even though… I do not seem wanted to go back to them. I still love them to death. I hope they are fine, and healthy, and happy over there.

I am happy for knowing so many people in my life, some I still keep in touch since kindergarten… Primary school, secondary, university… Even till we’re working. Of course, people come and go. Its’ sad for some that I have to let go, because we go our own way. But I cherish everything that when we’re used to be close, used to be best friend. Oh well.

I have given up my life in Penang, and moved on to KL. New challenges, new set of friends, new problems and new places to explore. Am glad, am here. It’ s hard to concentrate nowadays, without having to look at the phone every 5minutes, but am goin to contemplate, and think back what I have done, and what is my direction from now on.

Am I in the right path right now? Work-wise.. Yes I am. I just need to gather things that need to improve on, and skills to acquire. Love-life? Am glad that I can afford to give love unconditionally, without having the need to expect anything in return. Am proud that I have that kind of love in my heart, even though I might not be having the conventional happy ending.

For 29, my only wish for this year is that for me to get back to my energetic & lively Ida, with full of love, compassion, energy, high-spirit, goal-driven, environmentalist me, with a zest of designer-taste.

I wish to be the 23 years old Ida in KK that into her work life, a gym hardcore, sunset chaser, to a 26 years old Ida in Penang that able to conquer anything, learning driven tough cookie that excel in all familiar n unfamiliar topic, the jazz enthusiast, party-goer that know how to have fun every weekend, that travels a lot with her group of friends, to a 28 years old Ida in KL that run every where over the weekend, that still pursuing and improving her design flair, that loves coffee and exploring all coffee & eating places all over Klang Valley, to living a high life in KL. I still want to be that young 18 years old Ida in Labuan, that just knowing how does it feel to love for the first time, that still wishing upon a star, to have a nice and harmonious life, to be a scientist, a biologist or sort. Hoping to move out of the house for adventurous life as an independent adult. I still want to be that Ida the university student at 21 years old that struggling in the organic chemistry lab, learning environmental geology learning about different type of rock, and the earth formation. I want to be that ida, in the varsity botanical garden doing a tree transecting, and drawing & cutting the throat of all the specimens in the biology lab.

But I’ll be the 29 years old Ida, moving forward towards a better life…

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