I am not a fool. I am not a 16 years old girl that still believe in the happy ending on every chick flick movies. I am not. 

I stand by the reality. Love happy ending doesn’t end in marriage. Love happy ending is not measured in how long you have been together with the significant other.

It is the moment of realization of you love the person that warms your heart, carved a smile on your face and involuntarily thanking the god for having them in your life.

Even for just a fractional timeline in your life. 

Because you know, what you feel is real. No bull shit, no drama, no conflict.

But no, the norm is not like that. 

The norm, love is measured when two fall in love, dating for a couple of years, the guy on one knee, proposing to the girl, they get married, lavish wedding ceremony, having a baby together, growing old, die.

I beg to differ.


It takes guts to go out of the norm.

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