Price hike? 2014

Boohoo to the financial leader in Malaysia. 16% increase in the electricity bills? Toll increase? 


They are giving us spending cut tips. Pukitai. Why don’t you reduce your oversea & unnecessary expenses rather than let the rakyat to reduce the spending up to tighten our belts? 

I’m a professional LA living in KL, with bare minimal wages have to cut back a lot of everything. Means, no more gym membership, packing lunch to work, no more starbucks and eating out, no more. 


Try to cushion rakyat on the burden? I am not even qualified for BR1M, PR1MA or whatever fuck the scheme are because am not within the lower income group nor within the higher income group. Am stucked in between the two and I get NOTHING.

If you are increasing the toll, I might have to pay 30% more on the toll. My average toll to/fro work is 80RM via smart tunnel, not including here and there. If they increase the toll, I would have to pay 120RM just to go to work. Using alternative road? pukimak kau la, kasi buang tu toll road, and everybody jammed in the alternative road.

16% increase in electricity bill? Don’t get me started on that.

I’ve tighten my belt in a way that I’ll just drink coffee and eating crackers in the morning, chicken roasted packed for lunch and just a soup for dinner. If am lucky, dine out once a week. 

What is there to life if you can’t afford anything, and all your wages goes to paying bills? 

And, am not a card credit holder. Imagine those people with debts.


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