Moving on

Hello all. Happy Monday to everyone! Woke up from my new place in Kuala Lumpur to the sound of bird chirping and tennis balls bouncing off the court. From my room, I can see the Taman Desa’s luxurious landed house, at the background and the tennis court within the condominium compound. Lovely. What I like about this room is that, I get to see the greens when I open up my window, and that contribute to the sound of birds.

As you all know, I’ve resigned from my job in Penang, and moved to KL. it was a heartbreaking move to me, as am too fond with Penang. I’ve spent few days of my life in Penang with my close friend. She and I, has been goin on around Penang for food and drinks. Lovely, she is. Glad I met her, and am glad her to be my friend.

But it’s sad, having new friendship and my old one, gone down the drain. It’s heart breaking when someone so close to you becoming so distant, ignorance just because that person found another so called soul mate. Or whatever. Am happy for them, really. But you can see from this situation, a so called dear friend is becoming a phony. Oh well. Cest la vie.

I won’t bother keeping in touch when, there are no response from the other party. I’ll lose one, but I’ll make a lot in KL. Mark my word.

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