I’m throwing on my louboutins

Sorry my dear stalker, i have nothing much to update on my exciting life. I’ve been smacked in the face by the persian cat. Trying to bring my self-esteem back. I swear to you, I’ll be the most exotic thing you’ll ever met once I’m done with my thesis. Mark my word baby.

Apart from that, I’ll be away from the blogsphere till i finish up my data analysis. Oh boy, that’s a lot of graph. Oh how I despise descriptive analysis.

Do you know how powerful macbook pro is? Well, I used it to the maximum last night till the poor mbp can’t take it anymore. Yep, I’m running office suites, acad, sketchup, spss, itunes, photoshop, lightroom 2 all at the same time for the sake of multitasking, and yeah, acad keep on crashing, script error and whatnot. Ha,ha. Guess overloaded work can do much to even the better spec of computer.

oh, and I got Louboutins’ track playing back to back between Jennifer Lopez & Brandy. I’m currently listening to the leaked tracks of Brandy too, that never released. Oh, wow, JLo scooped her song too. Ha,ha.

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