I am exhausted. I’ve been training day and night for the upcoming tennis tournament. Well, I am terribly exhausted, my right shoulder/back is hurting. My serve is still sucks big time. Of please, miracle, be with me tomorrow. I’ll do anything for you!

Seriously I am depressed over it. I need to overcome myself. I need to relax and not to put much pressure on it. I need to be myself. The playful but still focus on court. Ah. Please be with me tomorrow. Ah. I need to wikipedia the scoring too tonight.

Maybe later, after my shower. Oh did I tell you that I have a 2 shades of skin color on my calves. Dang it look horrible when I wore a short dress today. Dang dang dang tennis! I should be having a futsal tournament too tomorrow, but I guess since my team doesn’t have enough player, I guess it’s cancelled. Or else, I’ll be having two tournament this weekend. Dang.

I’ve always been the weaker person. I was fat and ugly when I was in high school. I don’t join any sports club nor an athlete. Why when I’m older then I began to be more active? If I’m active since I was little, I would be a national player by now. Hahahahah. Dream on.

Anyway, I’m hoping I play well tomorrow. I’m trying to gather my focus and concentration for tomorrow event.

Wish me luck! In the mean time, I think I’m gonna listen to someone’s advice now. To sleep early. 🙂

Oh FYI, this is not a major tournament. It’s just a varsity’s.

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