Sun-tanning @ the marina

Guess where i am now? ha,ha! I am currently sitting on the grass, under Bucida molineti at the Tanjung City Marina, Georgetown. Yes, I am still at the field, collecting data. I know I am quite late, I should be working on the data analysis by now, but I am still here, under the sun and taking half-hourly temperatures. I am such a screw up this semester. Guess I have channel through my concentration to tennis instead of finishing off my MSc. Silly me. Too caught up with infatuation, and I have to bare the consequences now. Boohoo!

However, I ain’t complaining, life is unexpected, in session. I got to make the best of it. If this is the last bits of pieces of my life in Penang, I’ll cherish it. I shouldn’t be complaining much. I shall be grateful for every step I take. Afterall, it is my decision. My own choice. I shall be contented at it, or regret it. Either way, I am taking the positive vibes, even though it may bring heart ache.

OK. shall stop with the mambo jumbo, cock talking now. I was contemplating on what to do after MSc. Seriously considering on few things, but I can’t talk about it here yet. I have yet to put on my thinking hat and think thoroughly about it.  And this time, I shall omit the heart consideration, again.

Or maybe I should take the other road I have not taken before? I mean, I always on the fast track line. Shall I make a few stop before boarding the train? What do you think my dear reader?

Thought so. So am I. I have no idea. As yet. I’m just hoping that my hormones doesn’t interfere with my decision-making. I hate being a women sometime.

I am going for sorta intensive training as I might be on a tournament this week. Not that I wanted to but, oh well, I usually let other people decide for me. For some of the decision-making that doesn’t really involve major changing in my life though.

I still can’t get over the lust. Sorry. but you are too yummy to be letting go. Ha,ha. I am craving for chocolate now. I had my mocha yesterday. Caffe mocha. aha, the lust over caffeine is peaking, I am getting a major breakout because I drink coffee like I am drinking mineral water. Seriously, not healthy. Please drink at least 3 litres of water everyday peeps.

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