You got served!

It was really a tiring day for me. Like what I’ve wrote in the few previous post (or tweet), I joined one of the varsity’s tournament. It was tiring. and I am extremely exhausted from the game. Oh, I did excel! I terribly excel in losing every game. Ha,ha it was fun though. I get to experience the tournament first hand. Of course I lose to all of em, most of them are varsity’s player. Been touring for masum and all that shiznits for quite sometime while me, I’m just barely a few months of practicing and training.  The coach has yet to teach me to properly serve. I give the opponent lotsa points from my failing to serve.

Anyway, though I lose practically every game,I got a good opportunity to shine, and to prove myself I can be in the team. Soon (Gotta cross fingers & shut my mouth on this, don’t want to jinx it), but all i can tell ya, I’ll be training 4 times a week instead of just twice a week. Phew.

So much of the sports career this year yeah? Ha,ha.

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