Shoes shoes shoes

Since yesterday the hormone acting up, I decided to go through with it with a shopping therapy. After some work done helping my studiomate, we went to Gurney Plaza for a gal’s day out/ window shopping. I intended to buy a shoes but didn’t expected I would ended up with two shoes. Ah. Now I have 3 high heels, still in the box and i got no where to go with the shoes (the shoes meant for a date or a night out to the club, in which I don’t do both often here, so..). Ha,ha.

Wanted to buy the magenta heels from vincci but in the end i refrain myself from doing so. Though the color matches my iphone casing AND my sereni&shentel’s kuching cat headband, but I’ll just keep it in check on the next to shop list. As of now, I bought the awesome 6 inches black charles & keith heels and the pearl white strappy vincci heels. Oh I bought a camel skin-like heels from charles & keith 1Borneo when I was back in Kota Kinabalu, for half the price!! For cheaper C&K shoes, head to 1Borneo and Warisan Square outlet in Kota Kinabalu. Penang & KL doesn’t hold any sale at the moment.


Well shoes does improve my mood afterwards, retail therapy really heal hormonal imbalance, but it does burn your pocket though. Ha,ha. Oh well.


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