Where the compass leads me to?

Yep. It’s been a depressing 2 weeks since I move to Penang. I hate to admit this but i think I’m homesick.  I don’t miss the comfort of home or my parents (they call me everyday so what is there to miss) but I terribly miss the comfort of having my car to move around, meeting friends for drinks as well as overtime at the office. Yep. I miss working environment. I miss the laughter and tension in the office.  I miss to have 10 minutes away from everything. I miss everyone in Core and most of all, I miss going out for movies. 

On top of that,  I am struggling to excel in the graphic studio class. I know I am quite un-skilled when it comes to sketching but to add on depression, I am in a circle of very highly skilled & talented people. So the pressure building up so bad until I burst. Yep.

On top of that, I keep on asking myself why I choose this path. I have a comfy and steady life back in KK and why do I choose to do the otherwise? Most people would be contented with what I have in KK. Good pay (for KK level), my own car, my circle of friends, things to do etc but of course those has limit in KK and that is why I decide on this. At the same time, I doubt myself whether I can do it or not.  I mean, apart from the studio-load, I am damn good at everything else. OK, not everything.. I might have problem using theodolite etc.  So up to now, I am still wondering why I choose to move here.

Penang has been a lovely place. I love all the old architectural buildings in Georgetown. The beaches? nahhh.. I’ll pass. I prefer Sabah beaches. I will soon, one day, if i get to find someone to go with, I will bring the tour guide book of Penang & my baby and visit all the historical places here & taking pictures.  Only if I can find someone share the same passion as mine.

Maybe because I have yet to find my clique here, that I feel depressed and lonely.  Imagine, my only human contact would be during classes, at the restaurant/canteen and when I am outside.  Most of the time I’ll be at the studio and/or my room.

Enough of moaning about things. I am going to finish up my tiramisu & my favourite caramel macchianto & I am off to… Forever 21!!

I’m in Queensbay, btw. :p

p/s: I was in Borders just now, reading the first chapter of the Compass book by Tammy Kling & John Spences Ellis.  I was in awe when I read the first sentence:

Sometimes you must let go of the life you had planned in order to make room for the life ahead of you.

*gasp* I am soooo getting the book. later. 

Penang taxi going to use meter from 1 Aug onwards (read here). No more freaking 15rm to all over the island. 

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  1. Ren says:

    Da da, awwww dun stress yourself so much. Give it time and things do get better. Steady ko ahhhh TC.

  2. anggun3 says:

    aww tough la ren.. really need to catch up with everything. adoihh
    see u nxt month?

  3. JusT says:

    Hey darl, you know what? People who remained in their comfort zone won’t go far. You chose to go after your dreams and of course it’s tough. But when you look back after you’ve reached the top, you’ll be impress of what you’ve done.

  4. anggun3 says:

    Yep u r right but keeping the momentum is the hardest part. Really testing your perseverance 🙂

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