Life is a bed of roses

I am currently taking a break between my pencil color and monochrome sketching.

Pursuing personal legend ain’t that easy.  It takes perseverance, enthusiasm & high determination. I am full of that but I feel everything slowly going down. I am at the point that I want to burst. It is hard to change from scientific thinking to some arty & creative view. I am used to being objective. blunt. It is hard for me to change how I see things. How would I see the shadow when I look at the tree, I start to do mind-systematic plant identification inside of my head instead of just concentration on which side of the tree is shaded etc.

Ahh. Help me.  I really need motivation. I really need one now.

I have no problem with other subjects. i.e. GIS, ecology, botany etc. THAT is my cup of tea. 

Lack of sketching skill really bothers me. It’s 5 unit yo! The great one said I am improving. Yes I am but it’s not enough.  I am far behind everyone. I can’t stand it if I’m not on top.  


Life is definitely NOT a bed of roses, yet. 

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