KK Jazz Fest 2009


 See you all tonight & tomorrow night @ Tennis arena, Sutera Marina Club!

 19th June performance (check)

 Vocal Workshop (check)

 20th June performance (check check check!)



It’s almost 3 am and I am still wide awake. Ha,ha. I just came back from the third KK Jazz Festival 2009 held at tennis arena, Sutera Marina Club. I would say I had fun throughout the entire festival 🙂

Great peeps enjoying the music together (you know who you are JusT & Peter), yes I have to drag you to the dance floor! he,he.

Anyway… I love the venue, great combination of indoor tennis, jazz music & marina club. I so love the drapey color lights. 

tennis arena, sutera marina club

It was a 2-days affair of music encompassed every style associated with jazz, both contemporary and traditional. It is rendered to be an annual event here in KK. I love every performance on both night especially our local talented Double Take as well as the Son2Nos. Nah Youn Sun from Korea really moved me with her vocal. The fusion of local ethnic music ( incorporating that kulintangan instrument) with modern jazz element by RIMBA never fail to impress me. Jun Kung & the Junk Unit wrapped up the performance this year. He and Eugene Pao rawks! 🙂

Double TakeDouble Take


IMG_8147Nah Youn Sun


Eugene Pao


Eugene & Greg Lyons

So what about the crowd? 

IMG_8179Justin Timberlake?


Latino dance anyone?



Fire burning on the dance floor


Reporting from Tennis arena, Sutera Marina Club, 

Yours truly.



Penang Jazz Festival 09! Here I come! 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne Juan says:

    So good!!! I also want to go. Huhu.

  2. anggun3 says:

    yes! u should if u were in KK 🙂
    I’ll blog about it once everything over. Can’t wait for tonight performance

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