Entering the other half of 2009, I started by getting a new look and end up looking like Tina Fey with black rimmed glasses (thank god I wear contacts when I go out).

I didn’t expect the hairstylist in the KK outlet this week. I requested for him to cut & curl my hair.  and he even said he’d seen me before! I told him, he used to cut my hair in Bangsar, KL long time ago. he,he.



The photos above doesn’t justify how it look like, but I so love the fringe. He is the only one that can ‘fringe’ side-swept me without the need to clip on with bobby pin for a week. 

The aftermath (After 24-hours)

 oh how i love the texture of my hair now! it is so imperfect! I love the flaws. I hate it when everything need to be perfect, to be in order. and how I’m not satisfied with my natural so-called straight hair, when i curl it with thongs, it will eventually become straight in just half & hour. Oh and don’t get me started on how i took half & hour just to tidy up my fringe just to make it stay side swept. It is a nightmare to have a super straight natural hair where styling require effort. 

I’m the kind that keep on minimizing my time on these kind of thing. he,he. I admit it, i kinda miss my long straight hair but I’m loving the new imperfect curls.  Did I tell ya that the famous hairstylist did my curls? Oh, I’m so going to brag about it over & over again. mwahahaha!

Anyway, he prescribed me to the japan-styling gel where I have to put it after hair wash by just scrunching the hair before drying it off. I don’t know what the brand called as it is written in japanese! He advise me to just spray some water spray in the morning, a salty water spray would be better and fix the curls with fingers, and walla.. it’s done. 

I want to get that evian mineral water spray for my hair. or maybe sea salt hair spray. the beach-look wavy hair = awesome. Another thing is, I am used to blow drying my hair. Hmmm now I need to dry it naturally or using a diffuser. I don’t have a diffuser 😦  Maybe it’s time to visit that shop in the City Mall selling those saloon styling products and equipments? he,he.

p/s: Do you notice that I’m 5 shades darker? yikes. Thanks to the island trips & harvest festival where I was exposed to direct noon sunlight. Time to shy away from the sun and use back that traditional whitening products. he,he. Yes, I am still using traditional products despite all the luxury skin care products. 🙂 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ren says:

    Da, you sure ko teda mix chinese blood ka?
    Dang, ada chinese look tau lagi2 rambut gni! Funky ya’all!!!!
    Your side swept tu memang gojes ok!!!!
    Am planning to trim mine tapi ku m.a.l.a.s kehkeh
    Keep rocking!

    Can’t wait to gather with Piare!!! 🙂

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahaha omg ren. i know. se kena tease berabis d ofc, nama se suda kena sebut dgn sebutan cina. hahahha. i dunno la, mayb ancestor originating from mongolia? hahahaha.
    yep.. will let u know when we all meet up w piare! 🙂

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