Final Decision


I’m moving to Penang this July 2009. There!

I had a conversation with my employer and tendering my resignation just now. I told the whole clan yesterday too & somehow it slipped to her ears yesterday. So when I hand-in the resignation letter, she accepted it calmly.  I know it’s such a shame to let go of this post but I am pursuing my personal legend

I received acceptance letter from UM to do Master of Technology in Environmental Management in March but that is my second choice. I would really like to pursue on something that I am passionate about.  This is the big secret, ok.. not a big secret if you already following my blog for sometime now. ha,ha.

Anyway, I received the hard copy of the acceptance letter from USM on the landscape architecture early this month. It is a full time coursework, somehow I was quite shocked that I got accepted since I am a pure science graduate, not from applied science background.  The first requirement to the course would be a bachelor degree in related construction field i.e. building engineering, planning, architecture, etc. 

OK, my story might not be as transparent as it seems but hey, this is my story! ha,ha. A week earlier, I already know that I got accepted as I check my status of application online.  That is when I get mood swings, etc. I was in DOE library, Sulaman when I call the deputy dean of the Housing, Building & Planning school to get an advice whether I should accept this offer or not.  He is kind enough to brief me what is this course all about, what requirement do i need and what is the expected once I completed the study.  He also said that they only offering this course for less than 20 people/intake & said I should not lose this opportunity since I came from non-construction field.  I asked him why they accepted me, and he said that I have the requirement to pursue this coursework.  I told him my situation, the river study, the EIA consultant post, etc. His final said was you shouldn’t miss out this opportunity if you have interest in this field.  

For the past few weeks I’ve been weighing the pro & cons of everything, whether to stay in KK, move to KL or to Penang.  I kinda received another job offer from one of the KL environmental consultancy that can compliment with me doing the MTech (part-time basis) in UM. This is my second choice (or maybe third since this study I’m doing here weigh more than that).

So dear reader, I am letting go of my job as tree-hugger. I will always be a tree-hugger but not going to work in the consultancy field for the next 2 years. Maybe I can get some part-time job in Penang since I’ll be registering with DOE soon. 🙂 

But at the same time I’m quite ecstatic that I’ll be back to this dream of mine (or rather what’s i visualize myself in my head when i was in form 5).  I got a high school friend asking me in facebook… iDa, do you still draw? Dumbfounded. I left the interest we shared together after form 5.  We’re the only few science student taking the arts education without having formal art classes and we all managed to get A for all the theory, coursework & final exams.  Recently, he successfully showing off this art in the exhibition in KL. I’m all green about it.

Anyway, back to the Penang plan, I have to polish my skill in sketching, drawing, CAD as well as familiarizing myself with the GIS application. Hmm it is going to be tough but I’ll strive! gambate!

As for project/thesis (omg, I have yet to register & I already thinking of the thesis/project), I want to do something that I can connect design with the conservation of the environment? Say, maybe I can further my bachelor degree literature review/pre-thesis of xeriscape into a whole-project for my master? I shall consider it and talk to the professor later.  

wooohooo! It is finally decided. After a month (or two) dilemma. It is decided

p/s: i kinda promised to her that during semester break, i can go back & do part-time work on the river study. and maybe after I completed the MSc, I can join back the firm & I was given a wide arms open invitation. Funny. I visualize it would  be a battle of robot & alien but somehow we settle things in a positive way & I get to walk away from here, gracefully. 

Can’t wait to spread my wings & fly 🙂 


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  1. Anne Juan says:

    Ida!!! Con-graa-zu-la-zions! Wheeeee… I am so happy for you! I wish you all the best! You can do it! Wheeee…..

  2. anggun3 says:

    thanks anne! 🙂
    its the path i’m chosen

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