Shit happens

This is most horrible weekend so far, 3rd week of february. I purge/vomit everything i eat (hmmmm.. good for  those who wants to lose weight), my hair smells of puke, tummy cramp & a heavy headache. but…! no fever whatsoever.

The doctor afraid to prescribe me to food poisoning yesterday as she said that mine was so mild. She afraid that prescribing me to antibiotic will only induce the poisoning. urghhh. She only prescribe me to anti-vomiting tablet and a salt water. WTFFFFFF. Kalau itu 2 medicine pun sa ada di rumah bah. bluekkk.

andddd I vomited KFC. OMFGGGG. sial weh.

The fitness consultant called me twice already;

My instructor text me to collect the payment;

My friend invited me for a game of tennis;

I supposed to go out with my gals for sunday flea market;

I should be turning brunette yesterday;

I should be getting my e71 this weekend too.


P.s: oh eff’! I’m back to my 110 lbs ideal weight. woohoo! food P rawks. 

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