Yep. Everything reminds me of my second home. I’ve seen many many familiar faces throughout 2 hours I’m there today & that my fav instructor is baccckkkkkk! wooohoooo. 🙂

I hope there will be Les Mill’s bodayjam, bodycombat etc!

Time to get back to shape & to increase my metabolism & start pumping up!

Time to calculate back my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): 

RMR = 9.99w + 6.25s – 4.92a – 166g – 161 


w = your weight in kg;

s = your height in cm;

a = your age

g = gender (1 for male & 0 for female)


RMR tells you how many calories you need to maintain your body at rest. Your daily consumption to maintain your weight should be:

RMR x 1.15

I need to maintain about 1210.33. bluek.

correct me if I’m wrong. 

I guess I get bloated up because of the too much sugary intake i.e. 5-6 cups of coffee/day. omg. I got to stop taking caffeine. 

From tomorrow, no more 3-in-1 coffee for me. I’ll be making my own coffee with brown sugar & creamer (and of course, coffee). So it means, I can control the amount of sugar in my coffee. great! 

Yep. great. I won’t be doing any diet program. Ew. But I’ll try to reduce my coffee intake! 


oh i have 2-weeks pass to the said deja-vu 


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  1. sbonjamin says:

    I went to Core Fitness yesterday evening too, carrying my 15kg son whose sleeping at that time & dragged my hubby along.. hahah..!! It’s Deja Vu alright…. I got my 2-weeks pass but not planning to utilize that until the les mills classes are available, which i was told only gonna be available some time mid of Feb or early March.. can’t wait!

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahhaha oh really? then i must have seen you! I spent about 2-3 hours in there too yesterday evening. hahaha
    yep, they have yet to start the classes. Will let you know when they are; probably after the official opening?
    but I can’t wait for them to start, same ol’ face will be conducting classes there.
    woooh 🙂
    and I see some familiar trainer too 🙂 so it feels like home.

  3. sbonjamin says:

    i dont think so… i went there at around 6pm something and the place was rather quiet then.. i was being attended by a staff name Jack (kinda cute! hehehe) he told me that he used to work in Fitness First Subang Parade and few other fitness centre in KL… was there an opening event of somethin goin on yesterday? aiyaah.. i must have miss it then..
    what i’m really-REALLY looking forward for is bodystep + bodypump.. the rest are all immaterial to me.. muaahahahhaha.. but only if they offer Step classes.. but do we have a good instructor for that here in KK??
    btw, what’s your fav class & instructor? 😉

  4. anggun3 says:

    ahhh i left the premises roughly close to 6. hahaha. i don’t know anyone by the name jack yet but i guess he is one of the few good looking ones hahaha.
    nahh dun think any opening going on ytd.
    yep, the previous instructor are capable of conducting those mentioned classes. I just love to dance, so its obvious i always go to the dancing-related workout. bodycombat was a hit too the last time.

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