Party pooper & a treelet

Sometimes I wonder, why do I choose this career path? Why can I just get a job that doesn’t require to worry too much, must-know-it-all, constant nagging & pressuring from the client, and top of all, to look smart & negociate well when you know shit nothing about it. darn.

pu ki mak. I check my email just now & I’ve a threat email from my client sent on second day of chinese new year. WTF.

arghhhhhhhhhhh. sialan. There goes my holiday. 

(knock head). Mental note: Do not open email on holiday. ever again! 

Astaga. This blog becoming a medium to release my anger. Too much foul words here. urgh.

iDa: I know la bah I’m quite slow in submitting your report, but you don’t have to threaten me. Kau fikir se goyang kaki ka di office? I’ve million things to do/ to assimilate/ to execute. I need to read all kind of guidelines for you & i have negleting other project because of you. WTF.

I’ve another big P coming so your will be my second priority. Enough said.

P/s: Lucky I didn’t use my personal number to deal with whoever. Or else there goes my holiday.

On the other note,

Today I’m washing my car again & guess what grows in tree-hugger car?



a treelet! hahahahahahahah! 


Wanna go green? Hybrid car is soooooooooo century ago. Plant tree in your car is the new green-hype


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  1. .andrew. says:

    Sorry you’re having a rough go with the career. :/ On the other hand the “tree car” is so awesome! What a strange thing to have happen, unless it takes over the whole car. 😉

  2. .andrew. says:

    P.S. Added you to my Twitter. 🙂

  3. anggun3 says:

    One of the thing I have to bear on being a tree-hugger. urgh. lucky it’s just a tantrum on the phone & threatening emails. I shall be lucky that no bomb-treat on me yet.

    yes, indeed a strange thing to happen. I have no idea on how a treelet can grow there. lol.

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