I’m the least accessorized  gal you’ve ever known. My mon/aunt/female relatives keep on complaining why I look ‘plain’ during some family affairs/wedding/etc. 

Most of the time I simply told them, I can tolerate nothing less than a diamond & that shut them off. hahahahahha! 

I love diamond. They are second stable form of carbon after graphite. In jewellery industry, they are judged by 4C’s = carat, clarity, color & cut.

In scientific term, diamond defined as carbon allotrope with isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice, molecular weight of 12.01 u. High dispersion of light with 10 mohs scale of hardness (Though aggregated diamond nanarods, ADNRs are known to be more than 10 mohs scale of hardness, I don’t care, not that  I want to destroy the diamond I’m wearing, LOL).

I was google-shopping just now, and this is the outcome of my perfect jewelry. 


(credit: Tiffany & Co.)

and who can resist  that pretty blue-turquoise icon box with a white ribbon.

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