Bride wars

I watched chick-flick Bride wars today at 1Borneo. Well, it is a romatic comedy & nothing much story in it except for endless designers wear (drool). For i-want-to-kill-time movie, this is the perfect movie to watch.

ah. I looooooove Anne Hathaway’s wedding gown in the film! Vera Wang 2005 Fall collection. It is off-shoulder, mermaid wedding gown as  shown in the movie poster.

the-bride-warsBride Wars movie poster


Bride Warsoff-shoulder, off-white gown dress on Anne Hathaway

vera-wang-wedding-dressLooks the same as the 2005 Fall collection isn’t it? 


On the other note, I finally visited that new bookstore in 1Borneo, Harris. Ok, ok, my second time to the bookstore ( I checked out on friday nite when I was there for the late night movie – Underworld 3 [ain’t goin’ to review that movie, sigh] ). 

Ren! Let’s go again to the bookstore!! 🙂 Better range of books as compared to other bookstores in KK but definitely can’t compare to Kinokuniya or even Borders. 

Good. More non-fiction books! wooohooo! but then NO science & technology books ler. yikes. (Kau fikir urg KK nda baca this kind of book ka? WTF).

dsc01590wooden book-case. beh. upscale sikit la tu but still…bluek. 

OK, I shall be thankful that new bookstore in KK becoming better than the existing. I can’t wait for another bookstore to open here. In suria sabah perhaps? Let’s hope for Borders! amen.

On another lighter note, for those of you that love to go to the laaate night movie in 1Borneo but you are there early to have your dinner and another short round of shopping, you would probably encounter some short period waiting for the movie (say 11.30pm movie) but you can’t do anything because the mall closed at 10pm. I’d suggest you all to go & hang out at the Best Western Courtyard Hotel open air bar/cafe at 6th floor. Nice view of Kg. Pulau Penampang, Alamesra & the 1Borneo supercondo that is still under construction. hahahaha. But really, nice place to hang out.

When I went there with my colleague the other night, we were their only patron at their premises. 




Yep. Not-so-clear-pictures taken using my s500i. Sorry peeps. I didn’t expect to go to this place. Hence, I didn’t bring my baby.

Oh did I tell ya that my dad gave his ancient external Vivitar flash to me? Aw. I’ve to set up everything to manual as it doesn’t have that TTL-exposure system. So I have to determine the ISO on the camera to match the ASA in the flash. Auto-thyristor yo! bluek.

Gimmie Speedlite 430EXII and I’ll sleep with you. mwhahaha! Any taker?


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  1. .andrew. says:

    I like the shot from above the road. Jeez, I actually have an extra 430EX lol.

  2. anggun3 says:

    ah yeah. I love that shot too. Can;t believe i can capture that with just using SE s500i. It would look way way better with my EOS though.

    ahhhhh extra 430EX? hahahaha *grin* 😛

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