What am I having?

(warning: this post may not be suitable for kids and those that are easily offended with bitching & obscene words)


Oh pukima punya weather. Why it has to be raining every single day? astaga. 

And since the closure of the damned gym, I have no place to workout – that is convenient to me to go after work (and preferable near to my office and/or located on my way back home). 

Ok FINE, Likas sport complex is just 2 minutes away from home but … I love dancing-workout as well as weight-lifting (and yes, they do have this kind of exercise at the sport complex too, WTF).

Anyway, work caught up with me & rainy seasons too.. so working-out becoming less a routine for me. and here I am, gaining 2 kg after new year.

I’ve started to walk and/or jog at the nearest jogging track but i keep on bloating up. Would it mean that I take more calories more than i burn it? Urgh. I hate this.

I fcking wanted to jog today after work but  the fcking rain started to pour right before 5 pm. darn. 

i’ve been pushing myself to jog. I’m not a jogger. I hate to jog but I got to jog now to increase my metabolism. I need that to keep fit & to maintain my weight. arghghghgh.

Maybe my menstruation coming up. That’s why I breakout & I’m emotionally unstable plus I feel bloated & I crave for more caffeine & carbs. Urgh.

Anyhow, what am I having?

Hershey’s extra dark pure espresso dark chocolate with coffee bits miniature. You can smell too much anti-oxidant & taste like tahi kopi. mwhahahaha!

Hershey's extra dark

YUMMY. I tell you. 

Shit. I need to pick up that tennis workout back. I should be doing indoor sport. squash perhaps?

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  1. Ren says:


  2. anggun3 says:

    yep… very yummy for coffee addict! but yrs not coffee-based. I can’t remember but there’s a pink color on the wrapper. hahaha. 🙂

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