Wedding affair

I’ve been busy with wedding and all over the weekend and today, I’m still tired. Can’t help but to laze around the house and fell asleep in front of my macbook while replaying GG and lotsa people on msn pissed off with me as I kinda ‘ignore’ them. mwhahaha.

I supposed to go to Likas jogging track today but I fell asleep in front of the computer. Darn, I shouldn’t sleep in the afternoon because I’ll have problem sleeping at night. Yes, it is happening now plus 2 cups of coffee after dinner. bluek. 

Anyway, uttermost congrats to my lovely cousin and her husband on the wedding. May both of ya blessed with happiness and adventurous life together as a couple 🙂

Here are some of the pictures taken during the wedding event. (p/s: I’m not the official photographer, 2 guys covering the event which shocked me because it wasn’t the person as planned in the first place. I took all this for pleasure, and yep.. I’m still suck at it. bluek)

Day 1 – The Solemnization 

img_4163I so love white roses. I can’t get enuff of em’. 

img_4122Random shot during the solemnization

img_4137My dear niece, my favourite subject – kids! 

img_4247A cousie group photo – a must. darn, whole family just love to be in front of the camera.

img_4232The bride & groom

img_4261again, another group photo – mwhaha.

img_4286oh lookie, lookie! finally found bottom for my red kebaya. grrr.. its zebra stripe! :p

img_42732 of my cute (and hyperactive) nieces. 


Day 2 –  Wedding reception

img_4530Abg A guy in action

img_44721She is so gonna kill me if she knew that I’m posting this here. :p

img_4548Another shot of the couple


So what I did during the reception?

img_4448Get my hands on the bouquet, har, har.

img_4402Giving out the door gift & welcoming guest

img_4397Yes, the 3 of us hafta’ stand under the sun (thank daddy for the umbrella, at least we’re not 2 shade darker :P)

img_4567After the reception, me & cousin dropped by PC Fair after dropping off the cousin’s friend staying at Promenade. OMFG. People staring yo! Dressed up to the PC Fair is beyond acceptable. Got to see how my cousin trying to hide her face. mwhahaha! Me evil. Not good.

img_4570My cousin expressed her intention on getting the curl I’m having over the weekend. Lucky I bought the hot curler rod to the cousin house. and we’re supposed to go to the Blue Note afterwards but end up canceling the plan. No more energy to go out as all I think at that time was my comfy bed. LOL.

Ogie, that’s all for now! The rest of the photos will be uploaded to my flickr! 🙂


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