One of the thing that I terribly missed the most about KL is the variety of choices and endless of new shop poppin’-in everywhere. Retail square feet in KL getting bigger by each day and more competition between malls to get tenant especially during this slow-economic turnover. 

Anyway, one of the shop that I miss the most is the cupcakechic at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I know, cupcakes is just like any other cake except it is retain within the cup and decorated with colorful frosting on top. I soooo love the shop and the cupcakes! I’m not going to blog about the shop here (I’m sure you’ll get tons of blog reviewing this shop) but I terribly missed this opportunity to buy colorful cupcakes here in KK. *sigh*

cupcakechic(picture courtesy of

Anyway, KK do have shop selling cupcakes. One of it is from the Bits & Bites, Wisma Merdeka. EVERYONE knows this place and eventhough their premises quite, urm.. small as compared to others but they serve good, quality food! I loooooove their cupcakes since I was little (Sorry, no Bits & Bites cupcakes pictures).

Another outlet that sells cupcakes is at the Grace Point, Sutera Harbour, Sembulan.  OK, I know there are some other places that sells good cupcakes around KK but I’m just tooo lazy to find out where. Below is the picture of the cupcakes I bought from the Grace Point. 


Anyway, I bought a few introductory cupcakes from Central Plaza, Kepayan over the weekend and I find it there are in need of a lot of improvement and improvision of the cupcakes presentation (as well as the volume in one cup!). Anyhow… enjoy the pictures! I think I upgraded the quality of the cupcakes below by my photography style instead of the cupcakes itself. So I deserved a credit from whoever made this. Bluek.


Yes.. cupcakes.




i prefer my mom’s cupcakes.. and any other cakes she bake (Ok, but I do love cakes from hyatt cake shop too, sorry mommy, their fresh cream + ice-cream cake that you bought for my 5-6 year old birthday better than yours, lol). Oh and she baked the simple butter & marble cake for the upcoming (this friday!) wedding last night.  I just love coming back from work and the whole house smells of fresh butter cake. yummy! 🙂

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  1. terri says:

    agree with u. those cupcakes look emancipated.

  2. anggun3 says:

    yep! totally!

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