After work

I just came back from Kohinoor Indian Restaurant, KK Waterfront for dinner with friends particularly my dear Emily and her brother Leonel visiting KK. It’s been like 3-4 years since I last met her in.. hmm 1Utama, BU. She’s still the same ol’ bubbly and friendly gal & I absolutely love her around as we can practically talk about everything. 

Other than her, other All Saints’ were also invited like Ivan, Cath, Danielle, Gel and Derek. It was fun catching up with each other and mesmerize our time during school days as well as talking about what we are all doing now.

Anyway, some that i really hate, annoying person seems to be way, way better person now (meaning: wiser, more grown up) and some are still stuck like they were still in high school-kinda-thinking which is wierd according to Ivan. No comment. It pissed me off sometime. and i DID burst and scolding the person harshly today. Sorry peeps, I can’t stand the childish attitude anymore. Enough is ENOUGH.

Overall, we had fun talking & laughing until the restaurant closed. Ha,ha. So, everyone saying goodbye. *sob sob*

Some going back to Australia to continue study/internship and some moving back to UK to gain work experience. Only me and a few other ladies will be in KK, for at least these few months. 

In a way, I feel sad that everyone moving out of KK. When will be my time to do the same?


All of us on the couch. I love the restaurant presentation & decor.

img_4015Some of the whacky people.. ha,ha


Please ignore the 3 pretty ladies. Look at the nice, dandy and romantic ambience. Oh and it’s glorious indian food. 

I have found my territory in KK. Love the mango lassi and the curtains. and there’s a sisha station. 

p/s: I still can’t find my sexay black corset. Will try to look for it tomorrow. and I’ll be meeting my tennis buddies from Miri tomorrow at 1Borneo! 🙂

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