Pink Eye (or not)


Pardon me for the lack of update here as I have been feelin’ rather unpleasant towards work, life & even my health for the past week.  Finally, after a month (or so) & a third occurrence, I drag myself to see an ophthalmologist consultant at the nearest medical centre (SMC to be exact).  I know, I know, you’d probably would be saying I’m a fool now but hey, I can diagnose myself & able to solve the first 2 times of this viral infection, myself. Mwhaha.

But then I thought, this is the third infection in just 6 weeks & I still can’t get rid of the problem, so i decided to seek treatment to the specialist.  I took a half day off yesterday & went to see the doctor.  At first, she kinda scolded me for not seeking for a treatment earlier (oh, being a-know-it-all, I bought an anti’s from the pharmacy without any prescription from the doc, LOL). I said I’m afraid to see a doctor (OK, Soooo not true! I hate dentist though! haha, doctors are cool).

She precribed me to 2 different eye drops for 10 days & I’m not allowed to wear my contacts for 2 freakin’ weeks!

Dang. Yep, now you can see iDa with a glasses for the next 14days. Gosh I look like a nerd.

Eh, a geek. 



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