How would you feel when someone that know you like a book & still can’t trust you? For years they teach you, understand you, seeing you becoming wiser and still can not put trust in you. How would you feel?

And how would you feel to have someone as a building block to your life but prevent you from becoming better & wiser? How would you feel towards that someone?

And how would you react when that someone refused to let you go just because you are good enough to stand on your own? would that act called over-protective or just selfish?

How would you feel that when you are talking your heart out but nobody listen?

How would you feel when you put smile to the whole world to see like a sun shine but no one ever wonder how lonely you are? Would you be selfless and just let everyone enjoy their day or would you drag them to your state of emotion?

How would you know that there would be a better day when everyday is raining?

How would you know?

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