Y-Fitness City Mall

I just came back from City Mall, Lintas with a white envelope & a receipt of a down-payment of a year of membership in Y-fitness. I can’t wait for Fitness First to open its outlet in KK anymore. sigh. A friendly fitness consultant guy gave me & Jessie a tour around the fitness centre & I got 2 reaction: sigh & OK lah.

Ha.ha. Alrite I can’t compare it with the fitness centre I have been to in KL. I was a member of this Lifestyle fitness & spa in Bangsar & a Sweat Club in Mid Valley (as now known as California Fitness). In 2006, Sweat Club was the BIGGEST fitness centre in Klang Valley. Shoot! SO many celebrity went there to work-out. Trust me! I was in d treadmill next to one local celeb (sorry that I can’t recall the celeb name as I’m not his avid fan, LOL). But yeah, he look hawt! 🙂

California Fitness too has its own sauna, BIG locker room & a 5-star shower room. They even provide cotton bud for you! LOL. The only fitness centre with a jacuzzi, swimming pool & a basketball court! THERE! Not to forget, my personal trainer was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I keep on flirting with him. HA.HA.

Let me list down my findings after the 15 minutes tour to the Y just now. OK, now lets just called d fitness centre as Y. Lounge & interior design is NOT impressive, lighting is too dim, a lil’ bit cramped up around the weight-area & most of the people hang out/work out there would be men (Hey, I care more on the weight than cardio; so most probably I’ll spend time in the weight area); no free towel service; need to bring own lock for the locker; shower hall a lil bit cramped up too; Only 5 fitness trainer so far; NO free goodies/voucher from another outlet (I think they should give discount to the member in San Francisco Coffee since the outlet is just next to the Y).

OK, on the bright side; I get a comparable package price as in fitness centre in KL; the treadmill looks IMPRESSIVE with a huge screen ( I think you can play something there, haha); classes (yoga, pilates & those bodypump, RPM, Latin dance) is included IN the membership; I get free consultation/orientation to all equipments; and so on. (I’ll add later when I recall back what I’ve observed).

Despite the comparable advantages & disadvantages; I did sign up for the membership. Before becoming official member, the consultant gave me & Jessie a free 1-day trial. I will drag her to come with me to try out everything there. We shouldn’t waste that trial pass as it worth RM68 each and we got 4! 🙂

I can’t wait to go to the centre to try out things 🙂 Ah how I wish I can get a cute trainer here in KK. ROFL.

Now i gotta recall my fitness regime/schedule. My previous trainer did plan out things for me. It was like a 15-minutes warm-up on the cardio (either treadmill or the glider-thingy), then followed by a stretching in the bicycle-like machine. After a 5 minutes of stretching then I shall start with the weight-machines; leg, lower-back, back, torso, bicep, tricep & ended with a I-dunno-what-else. Then in between the muscle strengthening exercise I can go for another cardio & ended with a cardio too.

OK i gotta go bathe now! 🙂

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  1. chloe says:

    can i know what’s the membership fees?

  2. anggun3 says:

    Hey chloe! membership fees of Y-Fitness? Well I can’t remember anymore how much I paid for a year membership. But all I remember they definitely ripped off my 5 months worth of membership. New local fitness centre come in to replace the former called Core Fitness. I am not quite sure what is the yearly fees as I am on 3 months + 1 membership basis. You can call 088 448 119 for more information! U can mention my name when inquiring them 🙂

  3. Roz says:

    Hi Ida.. I was looking around fr Y-Fitness site but failed.. See, i wanna knw about the fees.. monthly and yearly.. Im going back to KK soon for my oh-so-long school holiday and looking forward for something to do.. =]

    was it worth it, working out at that fitness centre?

  4. anggun3 says:

    Hey Roz!
    I’ve been getting a lot of queries on the matter, well you could call-in the fitness centre for the monthly or annual fees as I am hv nothing to do w em. They are more than willing to help u on that, i can assure that 🙂

    Well, when it comes to worth it, or not working out in the premise, it depends on your perspective towards working out experience. if you just wanna sweat it out & building up muscles, there are sufficient equipments, classes & expertise i would say. But if you are looking for the ‘best’ facilities around, well, do not expect too much in KK, and do not compare the facilities in the other town, i.e. KL.

    Suffice to say, I had a great time working out & it used to be my second home (apart from the office, and my real house) when I was in KK.

  5. florida01 says:

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  6. scott bradley says:

    hey guys and girls,just so you know, Y-Fitness has closed down already, but dont worry, it has been replaced with a new gym “core fitness” , core fitness is currently the biggest gym in sabah. (core fitness and y-fitness are not the same management)

    source: a member of core fitness 😀

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