Tuesday Scribbles

Again, Im not in particular to write something meaningful to be read here but it is just that I feel that  I like to write something now. Please bear with me and don’t just stop reading this post until this dot. Ha,ha. 

My next project would be a mixed commercial development. I can’t say much about it here; it supposed to be a company affair but, what the hell. LOL. Lets just say we copy KL Sentral and put it here, and walla! My project. 🙂 

I have received the development and the topographical survey plan from the project proponent but not the updated ones. I’m sure there going to be changes in the design etc.  Roughly the allocated area & the landuse would be the same. I got to start looking for the area in the restricted map tomorrow & start, start and start it without being asked to. I got to bug the boss too to start giving me more info about the project & forced her to drag me to meet the project proponent. Ha.ha. Hey! I love my job remember? 🙂

Anyway, I need to know how to use the Computer Aided Design program; CAD in short. I bought the autoCAD donkey years ago but didn’t bother to learn it. Now I’m struggling with the command to edit the drawings. Worse, is that now I’m using Mac but the program I bought is for windows-platform. I have to download the freeware CAD program for mac.

Hmmm… life’s been hectic & plain. I’m still the old me. Nothing changes, nothing improved. I feel like wanting to talk to someone but who would listen?
I have plenty of friends but I don’t think I have found the real friend that can share fun, laughter and even tears together. I feel so real empty. So here I am, blogging my heart out though I know no one will read this.

Cest la vie.

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