Premenstrual Tension

Ah! I feel so bloated. 😦 and seriously need to burn calories. I’m seriously considering to go and check out the fitness centre tomorrow after work. Seems that I can’t play against the wall during weekdays anymore as my working hour lasted until 6pm. Well 6pm in KK is like 7pm in KL.. So I gotta find place where I can work out even after dark. The fitness centre (excuse me, urm.. the only commercial fitness centre in KK) is only 2 minutes drive from my office.

I was so dead bored in the office just now. It gets worst after lunch as I almost doze off. She then called me to discuss something on my next project. She still refused to tell me about my next task & only said that I’ll be handling a mixed development project ( which consist of SoHo, housing, hotels, etc). The firm just secured 2 projects and she will give one to me and another one to another executive. Lets just hope she won’t give both projects to me! Or else I have 3 projects to juggle. great.

Anyway, I have started reading reports on mixed developments. The one I’m reading now is the report for KK Mega Mall project located near to my house & already in contruction as the time I’m writing this. Other than that, I need to look at the Mega Long Penampang project as well as the Suria mall. Great! I’ll be handling project related to the shopping mall. I Loike! LOL.

OK, thats all from me today. I’m not in the mood to write as I think my hormones starting to go haywire again (Note: please refer to the title post). Yeah I’m having mood swings and irritability, tension, bloating, and breast tenderness now. So back-off.

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