may20, 2005. 11.06pm

Mariah Carey-Shake Off

Im in Sabah medical centre practically the whole day today.Sending my uncle to ER there for some sort of complication. He’s stable now; stayin in the ward there. will be visiting him tomorrow again. hehe.

Btw, i dont have anything else to write here today.

Oh, im so in love with hospital; really. Haha i know it sounds wierd (cuz most of ppl HATE hosp) but i guess it feels nice to be there; esp if u r working there (as a doc or nurse or wutever) and saving ppl and stuff. Wish i could work in a hosp as i doctor; dun care a specialist or a family doc wutever; i feel some kind of Image1070‘feeling’ to help ppl to cure and make em healthy. sigh.

Anyway, i dont get a chance to do medicine; so i better stop dreaming now. sigh.

And, i love my bear =)

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