Islands that i like


May18, 2005. 10.38am.

Mariah Carey- We belong together

Im totally head over heel with this song. gosh.

Image483 Last weekend, went to Labuan island with my family and relatives. haha. Road trip to Menumbok then ferry to the islands. Its been fun- hehe. stayed at the beta apartment for 2 nights. Went there to send off my cousins; both got a  place in the matriculation college; and both got an accounting stream.

Met my english lecturer during the registration day; OMG, she still remember my name and which tutorial’s im from! hahaha h4t10! chat with her for a while and stuff. Saw other lects, but i not chatting  with em, cuz all of em busy with their duty. hahaha. Image10421

going back to college brings back all the memories;  i really enjoy  my college days (hey, lots of obstacles there that i have to face; but it makes my life more interesting). Its been F-U-N living in the islands ( minus the hot days, water problem, stress of studies, no McD’s, etc) lol.

Image1041 Cheap chocs, beautiful sunrise, great friends, (some) nice lecturers. Haha wut else u can ask for ;p

On the way back; i met farrah! heheh ( she’s my tutorial’s mate) and she’s frm Lbn also (same agenda with me i guess ;p)

All in all, i love that islands. lots of memories. =)

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