Bandung, Indonesia

It was such a last minute trip and i was crazy busy a week before. Overall, it was just a long weekend rest for me, and great indonesian cuisine and i didn’t really visited any point of attraction in my bucket list. So yeah.

I stopped for lunch at one of the hipster cafe that serve good sundanese cuisine

I had bebek and sup buntut for lunch. Bebek was good and crispy but sup buntut, are a let down.

I love the interior and small courtyard that leading to the kitchen and washroom.

For dinner, i went to Stone Cafe for a view and semi-fine dine.

Cheese pisang goreng for dessert

Sup buntut, beef belado and balinese chicken bakar

This are spicy but, not too spicyOrdered the sundanese rice too. 

I always ordered es alpukat whenever am in Indonesia.

Front view of Stone Cafe

The only attraction, places that i go to is the Tangkuban Parahu.

It is the only crater that a car can drive up to without the need to hike or a walk.

View with a sulfuric smell. Nice view but it wasn’t a pleasant experience as all d tourist is harassed with push-over seller selling souvenir and sort. I don’t have a good time taking photos. Rushing things and to go back to d bus to avoid the seller.

Drop by another tourist-oriented place for luwak coffee. Not my first time drinking luwak coffee, but its nothing to shout about though.

Coffee shop located somewhere between tangkuban to rumah mode

Oh, another tourist attaction that i went to is the floating market.

And… did a little shopping at Rumah Mode.

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