Day 1: Acclimatising LHR

I bought a KUL-LHR-KUL plane ticket for my 32nd birthday, and flying off on my birthday night. No cake. No celebrating, no party.

Just a plane ticket to London. I chose British Airways for a seat number 32. Was hoping to get  a free upgrade, and no didn’t managed to get one. ah.

Anyway, BA fly a dreamliner, slightly narrower but long body. It was my first time in a dreamliner. First time in London.

Once landed, the same procedure, going through immigration, and sort. Usually, the immigration will question you more if you are travelling alone, especially asian lady. Not to be racist, but I experience a few time in the other countries as well. Luckily my english is not that bad, and when I said I stayed at double tree hyde park, the officer quickly said; great location to stay, but be careful where ever you go. He gave me lotsa  tips a well. Great. After collecting my luggage at the conveyor belt, I rushed to the Heathrow Express terminal.

I managed to get a 30 days advance express saver weekend single and 14 days advance express saver weekend single for £8.80 and £12.10 respectively. It’s only 15 minutes journey from Heathrow to the Paddington station.

From Paddington, I took the tube and move to the next station Bayswater, which is near to the hotel. The cool but sunny 14 degrees temperature, I walked from Bayswater station to the hotel. It was a nice walk in the morning. After checking in, I cross the road and just.. strolling around Hyde Park. (Oh i did, hang out at Starbucks for a while for my breakfast toast and coffee).

I love Hyde Park. It is one of the city park that I wanna go (my top list is still Central Park New York).

I spend half of the day exploring Hyde Park.. walking around and just enjoying the weather and the vast area of the park before settling down in my hotel room and sleep early.

I need to wake up early and catch the train to Edinburgh next day.

And… jetlag kickin’ in..


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