where i find peace


Have you guys read on my previous blog post? Yeah, further to that, and crying profusely on saturday morning and was told to find a place where i can be at peace, i bought a return ticket home that day itself. 

I used up most of my enrich milage points and paid only 150 instead of almost 900ish return ticket home. 

I spend my night and day with my parents. I bought gift for my mom belated birthday and a box of truffles chocolate, Godiva I tell you. 

On sunday, i met the rest of my aunts/uncles/cousins/nephews and nieces and we had a big lunch. We had an ambuyat. 

Yeah, i was at peace. Even though am just like, one night at home, i feel calmer now. 

Am in the train from KLIA to KL sentral now. 

few more days to one of the ultimate holiday gateway. 

Can’t wait. 

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