La Juiceria

I ordered my 1 day juice cleanse problem 2 days ago from La Juiceria and I just collected from their Hartamas office. Apparently their office is just behind my client’s office, and am there like every week for a meeting. LOL. 20140914-162040-58840643.jpg     They printed my name in the envelope with a checklist and  the cleanse journal. 2 20140914-162041-58841458.jpg   there are 6 bottle you need to finish in a day, drinking each bottle every two hours. So am going to bring the whole bottle to work tomorrow, and will keep it in the fridge. 20140914-162042-58842545.jpg   There’s a schedule to follow, am okay with liquid the whole day, but to drink water, every hour is like a pain to me. Hence, am always dehydrated LOL. 20140914-162043-58843491.jpgThere’s even a checklist to follow !! But, I don’t have a weighting scale. I need to buy one. I’ll let you know the outcome tomorrow. Eh, wait, I ordered another 2 days of juices and they’ll send it over to my office tomorrow. So, it’s going to be a 3 day juice cleanse programme. Wish me luck !! You can order La Juiceria from their website at La Juiceria  or you can visit their Facebook / instagram.

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  1. Mas Light says:

    Oho detoxing. Berapa banyak ko kena minum ni XD

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