Ending the weekend

Hello. How is your weekend my dear reader? Good? Great? Awesome drunkard-pissed outta your head weekend or a blissful-tranquil weekend? Mine just okay. I spent my weekend, mostly alone. On my own. Doing my own thing except this morning where I had breakfast with my dad. He came to KL since thursday for wedding receptions. I went to see him on thursday when he just arrived and today before he fly back to KK. 

Apart from that, I slept early, went to the gym, watch movie alone, had coffee alone, had dinner alone, reading book, did laundry and cleaning the room, as well as just.. contemplating. 

I went to Bernard’s again after years on not going there. I think the last time I went there was like, 6 years ago. And the place is still there. Amazing. It’s tucked away in the quiet neighbourhood of Bandar Utama. It’s not that quiet, its such a vibrant neighbourhood but, I feel as peace and I don’t have to rush, compete for parking and sort. 

Anyway, I got nothing much to write about because I’m starting to write about positive things again here. Hence, this is the first step. 

Let’s start the weekend with positive vibes, am going back to KK this weekend for the Hasuu Tasu !! 

God bless & god speed



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