terasa tersisih


I had enough of people making me feel less important. I had enough of waiting for other people to make me that am their first choice, their only choice, because by the end of the day.. 

please tell me where i stand. I never make people feel less important in my life except for those that am not interested in, I give a blunt feedback and say am not interested in them. 

I am crying non-stop, nothing can cheer me up. Went to window shopping alone just now. Not even pretty shoes, lovely dresses nor a good coffee can make me feel good. I am a passionate person but failed at showing it to the person i love. I don’t know how to show my love to them. 

I don’t know how to be ‘gedik’, to be ‘manja’ like any other girls when they are in love. I am myself, I know what i feel is real and am being reasonable and practical about it. 

But it hurts me when i am nowhere in their schedule. I know, i never invited em in my outing but, i never go out anymore. I just, either going to work or stay at home. 

I don’t have much friend to hang out with here in KL. am becoming a loner. 

Guess i have to watch the final world cup alone then 😦

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