Antipodean Cafe, Telawi Bangsar

I am savouring my brunch after 10km trail running + obstacles at Putrajaya Challenge Park.

I drove straight back to Taman Desa to fuel up my Neo, and thought where would be the best brunch in KL? the first thing that come into mind is this cafe, and its near to my place.

20140511-114256 am.jpg
Flay white is great. Just nice, like the way i love it!!

20140511-114353 am.jpg
Egg’s Marlborough w/ salmon 👍

20140511-114449 am.jpg
Menu on the wall

Rating: i’ve been here a few times during off peak hour, and its pretty laid back cafe. Am currently sitting just in front of the door & oh boy, they are extremely busy. and, thumbs up to the staff as they are extremely efficient in taking orders, cleaning up tables and ushering customer to their tables.

Made my sunday !!

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