Putrajaya Deuter Trail Run 2014


This is among the best run so far in 2014. It is extremely suffocating to run with high and low of elevation.

20140511-023340 pm.jpg
This is the elevation chart posted on their facebook page (picture credit to Putrajaya Deuter Trail Run)

It’s been a constant breathing hard & trying to control & pace my run. I did run like a professional trail runner at some junction ( that require you to speed & overtook lotsa people in front) but there are some stretch in which i only managed to walk. I hate tarmac road as am wearing my fivefingers. Fivefingers works well in offroad trail.

20140511-023714 pm.jpg
The first obstacle is the slide down the slope on tarpauline surface. Its funnnnnn to slide down but i kinda pulled my right hamstring after the slide. Ouch.

20140511-023837 pm.jpg
Look at them people testing on the slide (photo credit to the event facebook page, sorry i scoop your picture as am not bringing any gadget during the run)

20140511-024001 pm.jpg
There are like few mounds that you have to go through before you crawl into this. After the crawling.. You need to get through the tyres obstacle.

20140511-024125 pm.jpg
The last fun part is when you have to go through the skate park where you have to go through 3 of the water ponding. I managed to run at 45 degrees on the first ponding without getting wet. Amazingly, am so proud of myself for that escaping the water on 45 degrees run !!

But if course i got no choice but to go through the water on the second & third water ponding. They inundated the skate park up to 1m depth.

After the water obstacle is the most hated run ever: the staircase. The same staircase you have to go through during xterra championship. Urgh !

The run ended with a fire truck with water to wash you down

20140511-024621 pm.jpg
The best feeling ever !! Rain over me !!

20140511-024716 pm.jpg
Finisher medal with my fivefingers

20140511-024828 pm.jpg
One of the tembirang picture with the medal. Hahaha.

20140511-024927 pm.jpg
Group picture !!

20140511-025025 pm.jpg
Event sponsor Deuter. Awesome.

Am sure definitely will join the next Putrajaya Deuter Trail Run !!

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