I am furious when there are movement to malaynese the Sabahan. You can’t tie race and religion together. That’s bull. Religion is a believe, race is your blood & tradition. To ditch your race for religion? I have nothing else more to say.

This is especially true for the people in Malaysia. Do you see this kind of law in even Arab countries? in term of multicultural/religion marriage, to say. only in MALAYSIA.

and when there’s a movement in Sabah to malaya-nese all muslims, am calling in absurd.  What is wrong if you are a sino-kadazan, suluk, sungai, murut, kedayan, Tindal, Bisaya, Iranun, Tidong, Rungus, etc? Why? They all can’t be a muslim just because they are not a malay?


Am a brunei-bajau-javanese ethnicity and am proud of it. and, I don’t call myself malay (even tough it stated in my IC). I would say am a proud SABAHAN. 

Enough said! 

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