Running away

I never call myself a runner. A marathoner. I hate running. Seriously. And yet, I participate in most of the major international marathon/trail running in Malaysia. You’ll be physically strained, dehydrated, out of breath, knee/joints hurting, muscle aching, post-marathon depression (the worse ever), and yet, I still run. I know, I am not capable to run the whole of 10km distance, and yet i keep on joining every month.

I’ve been always be the non-athlete in the school, and always hate sports day. I’m fat and heavy, I can’t even run 400m without even stopping in the middle of the sprint. Ah.

At 28 years old, I did 10km for Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) last November, Penang hill trail run,  17km Penang Malakoff in March if am not mistaken, 10km Xterra Malaysia trail running, 10km Borneo International Marathon, 12km Men’s Health & Shape Run, Putrajaya, and recently 10km Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

Phew thats, almost 69km all together this year. ahahaha.

October onwards, I’ll be having Adidas King of the Road for 10km and my first half marathon, for this upcoming 2013 PBIM. Oh, I’ll be joining another 10km Solomon trail running this November. Oh gosh.

Why would i join the run? is it because of the hype, since i don’t like running at all. To answer that, really, I don’t even know why am joining. Definitely not hype. I join marathon way before it becoming a hype-movement. I am not kiasu. I force my former colleague to join the marathon, it’s like the outside of office social activity. That’s why I love to join.

Same as here, I already have a group of people to run with. So, am not alone in this. I have a few wishlist on running. My only wish is (no, am not going to travel to other countries to run, but its in my itinerary), i want to participate in the ultra marathon in Borneo. That’s all am wishing for.

I need to create more group in KL. Tennis group. Party group. Environmentalist group.

But to be honest, i love trail running. oh, and hiking. 

and, am still 3kg heavier.


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