A struggle

A struggle. Constant hardwork, and yet, you can’t reap much from all the effort. Fucked up right?
This is what happening to the young people in Malaysia nowadays. For young professional, they are to be burdened by debts once they graduated from university (thank god, I got a scholarship). But what about getting a car to move around or a house?

Am not as lucky as any of you, that your parents will finance if not the monthly installment, at least will fork out some for the down payment. I didn’t get all those privilege. I struggle to get my own car, and pay it myself every month.

What about house? You need at least 25-50k for down payment of the house. Am looking for one now, and I totally can’t afford it. Moreover, with the rising up to 700RM/psf for some good area housing, young people can never afford to buy anything with their minimal salary. Am talking about me.

I pay for room rental, tol, petrol, health insurance, tax, and when can I save for the house down payment ?

of course, again, parents can be the big help, but I was born to be on my own feet, and if am asking them for such huge amount, they’ll say, go find your own. Am not as lucky as any of you.

I started with zero. Am poor.

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