2 weeks plan

Gosh, when I read back this year’s post, I think am being unfair to this blog and myself. I’ve been so negative towards life. I should be looking on the bright side of everything. Remember, the old Ida?

Such tiny, insignificant things, or people, really affect me, badly. I don’t know why. I lose my own self, losing those sunshine Ida.

Oh well, cest la vie. Anyway, I was quite happy with recent work progress. I’ve come up with quite astonishing ideas and that carve smile on my boss face. I can’t help but to beam up the whole afternoon even though am aching to go to the gym, and to go back home. In the end, I didn’t go to the gym. My bloody hamstring ache, I can’t even sit at the toilet bowl without painkiller. Dang.

I’ll make a pack I’ll hit the gym tomorrow. After all, I’ll be having another 12km in 2 weeks time. I don’t have time to lose. I need to catch up. Don’t care of the hamstring, ICE for tonight. If it is still aching tomorrow, I’ll pop voltaren. Lots of it.

I bought Nike running shorts and pink top for the upcoming run. I hope I can lose a few kg and trying to be fit for then run.

I swear on that. I’ll hit the gym tomorrow.

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