what life going to be

Hello all. I am currently on board the Air Asia flight back to Penang. This is the first time am taking the night flight BKI-PEN and I can’t help to mesmerize the beautiful dark sky of Kota Kinabalu.

It’s just a few minutes away that am living the town, but I started to miss it terribly. For months, I never seen so, so many stars in the sky. I see stars when I hang out with my friend at sunset bar, Shangri la Tanjung Aru Resort, and also just now, when I was looking out for the airbus.

I can’t find this kind of skies in Penang,not even in KL. These 2 cities are full with light pollutions at night.

Ah i know, am being melancholy but how am I going to survive if I don’t get to see the basic thing that important in my life?(I.e sea view, stars at night, beautiful sunset, awesome people).

How my life going to be in KL come next month? How am I going to survive the urban metropolitan life, that rush rush and jam jam and too much pollution, and more than 1000 people per meter square?

My ideal living is simple; meaningful job, good circle of friends, beautiful sunset, 15mins away islands, Sabahan accents, stars at night and weekly back to nature activity and exploring the other side of the world once a while.

I don’t need a BMW to drive,or to attend posh party, or to get invited for the fashion/product launch whatsoever. I don’t need a big bungalow or a 2000sq ft duplex penthouse.

But I’m going to the direction of the other option that am not keen to.

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