Bah, ubah la bah

Today is the day for the Malaysian to set and vote for their future. Today is the day when new light and hope of building a refreshing Malaysia to be a better nation. Today is the day when rakyat cast their vote their respective ruling party for the next five years.

Bravo to those who wants to change to a better Malaysia. I hope, from this moment, we will work and live in harmony and be part of Malaysia without having the prejudice over each other.

I hope every Malaysians can learn on how Sabahans multi-ethnicity able to stand by each other, and smile, laugh & even mourn together.

My mission as a Malaysian is to show that kind of togetherness in peninsular, and I hope, what I’ve done to instill those plural societies, are slowly seeping in among my close friends. I refuse to use the word 1-something,something because I don’t want to be labelled, or inclined towards any political party.

But then again…

Ini Kali lah. Barang kali lah. Mesti lah. Entah lah.

Bah, ubah la bah (Ida Yh, 2013)

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