Mid-year resolution

I will make a pack I want to change on the following:
1. I promise not to blame myself for anything anymore;
2. I deserve better than you. if you don’t want me, it’s your loss; I’ll find someone better to hang out with/ friends to depend on;
3. I promise to be happier, I know KL is depressing, but I’ll find my way to enjoy the urban life. I always find my way. Sabahan always do, without losing herself/himself;
4. I will work diligently, learning everything I can so that I can stand on my own in my later life; I’ll make sure myself to be recognized in this industry. I promise you that;
5. I know one of the thing that will made me sad, is not to see the sea everyday. I promise to go back to KK and/or Penang more often;
6. More traveling !! More exploring new places;
7. Fucking get back into shape !!
8. Find a group of friends, trustworthy, good people, click well to party, outdoor activity and just chill 🙂
9. To be a better person 🙂
10. what else? 🙂 Let me reserve no 10 to myself.


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