Black Monday

I protest. am sad and devastated that the election was unfair, unjust and not transparent.

I call for protest. I call for black Monday. For malaysians done their best to choose their next leader and some magicibaikick thingy going on.

Leading after power cut? Wah guna tactic sesb yang tia selalu cukup tenaga mau tampung electricity nampakkk.

When integrity in being question, how does it look for the people to trust you to lead?

How is video recording, pictorial on the spot uploading to be a baseless allegation? Wow rakyats must have so much time to edit it before posting it, no? bullocks.

We should have no fear. The only fear We should have is fear to God.

I shall mourn, and Malaysians, you should too. As you just kena tatak kepala and tontolou terbelah dua.


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