agoda steal

Okay, this is a brief update on my recent excursion. I’ve been in KL almost every weekend (don’t ask, I won’t tell anyway).

However, I’ve been booking my room through Agoda and so far, I mean… I’ve getting a very good deal for the 4 and even 5 stars room. The heaven-bless thing that happened, is that every time i check-in, I always get upgraded and sort. I am extremely grateful for that. amen.

To show you my recent excursion, I was upgraded to junior suite. I get 2 LCD tv in the room,with 360 view, sorta to the theme park. Awesome. I had great time with myself, rejuvenating alone, in the comfy of the bed. and I spent my valentine day alone there. Ah. Oh well.


It’s a rounded ceiling and cute tv to watch and to fall asleep with


A couch, work desk create infinite possible way to use up the space :p


Another tv, full mini bar, an espresson machine and sort 🙂


Big bathroom with shower room, bath tub and WC 🙂

 I love spending my time alone here. and feel rejuvenated after a horrible, 3 days CNY depression in Penang.

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