Take it easy

I am officially depressed. Ah. I got a lot more to cover for my literature review. I was struggling to review on ceramic and concrete surface last night. Took me the whole night to read on ceramic in material engineering book. Ah. I know. Pulun. But I can’t settle for less. It’s just me.

I need to write more on terrazzo granite, brick and pebble wash surface. Apart from that, those heat transfer principles for all of the tested materials and also a little bit literature review on the urban heat island effect in Georgetown, Penang and also case studies for few other tropical cities i.e Singapore, Putrajaya, etc.

Ah. and here I am blogging away. Bluek.  I hope with all these writing my total thesis page will not exceed 200 pages. Oh I hope so.

updated: I think i’m going to exceed that figure. I got brick and pebble wash surface to review, and then on urban heat island effect, case studies, chapter 5 and references. OMFG. (8.30am, 16Apr 2011)

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