Who is she?

Seriously? who is this girl that resemble me?


Ha,ha. She was me, 4 years ago. Gosh I must have been barely 21-22 years old, cam-whoring @ one of the Zara fitting room in KL. I was barely reaching my peak back then, though I am curvier now as compared to before, but how I wish I have those leaner body before plus my curve at the right, ahem places now 🙂

I would be the next Eva Mendes. Mwahhaha. OK, vain. Dream on.

I need to change something before I move back to Penang. New hairstyle? or new abs? I can’t do the abs though by then, even if I’m doing the pilates everyday. Hmm.. maybe the hair?

Ok seriously I don’t know the reason why I’m writing on this post. I was just browsing one of my private album where i keep all my vain & a total-camwhore shots. And this is one of the most decent ones that I can publish on the net. Ha,ha. Feast your eyes boys as this is the first & last picture of the 21 year old me posting it here.

Anyway, it’s almost 3 am and I can’t sleep, I’m bored & I have nothing line up to do tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go for a jog at the park and/or a pilates/ total combat/ latino dance in the evening.

I should be working on my thesis too. Damn.

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