Hey ya all! It’s already been 4 days that I’m in Kota Kinabalu! Aww I’m kinda miss Penang though. Penang has charmed me with what they had to offer, and I’m sorta calling Penang my home now (Ok KK people, you can kill me now, hahahah).

I practically lazing around the house, catching up with friends and still trying to maintain my fitness. I’m going for latino mix, belly dance as well as pilates later with my bestie at Borneo Fitness Academy! Yep, dear Yuen finally opening up her own place. She’s awesome! 🙂

I still miss everyone at Core. I’ll drop by sometime, I heard they are opening up the second branch at the palm square! Congratulations! Yeay bravo! I terribly miss the bodyjam workout- sob sob. I hope when I can get a stable life in Penang, I’ll join the nearest gym that offer lesmills program too i.e. celebrity fitness, gurney or fitness first, island plaza. However, I am open up to other gym as well. I am thinking of taking up pole dancing too. I just got inform from another friend of mine, another awesome fitness/dancing instructor in KK is bringing in some relative to instruct a pole dancing, a pinoy! Awesome. Ah how I wish I’m staying in KK right now. 😛

As of now, I am enjoying my workout session at the varsity gym, though I get those squint and starry eyes, or a pervert postgrad staring at me working out, I don’t care. As long as i get to do my an hour of cardio & another hour of resistance training, twice weekly tennis endurance training, I am contented. 🙂

But how I wish i could salsa & bachata in Penang. Oh how I wish. There are few dance academy nearby but only if i have the wheel 🙂

I went for a jog at likas jogging track the other day, and I can’t believe I can jog that far. Looks like my stamina is slowly building up! I am happy! 🙂 and I still can fit in to my work attire. I just need to shed those stubborn 2-3 kg and I will start on a high impact toning. Hey yo yoga & pilates! I’m not going to lose more than 10 lbs as I love my ass now. Mwhahahaha!

Ohhhh don’t let me start babbling on working. I terribly miss working life. The hectic, the dateline, the arguing, chasing around for submission, the boring meeting and the field work. Ah. I wish I can go back to the rat world soon enough. This time in a different perspective 🙂 Yeay!

I gotta drop by nike store to buy my yoga pants and maybe some cute tennis skirt & awesome top for the latino mix!

Btw, I’m looking for a dancing partner. Anyone competent to dance like the below video, please drop me a line alright?

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  1. Cielle says:

    Omg i searched for ‘dance classes kota kinabalu’ and I landed on your blog! I am dying to know where Borneo Fitness Academy is and i am actually hyperventilating just by reading that there will be pole dancing class soon in kk (crossing fingers)! if you have any update on this class please update in ur blog. Btw i loveee latin dance but too bad i cant be your dancing partner! Cheers 🙂

    1. anggun3 says:

      haha hey there! Well BFA located at Marketplace 88 opposite Sri Kepayan area. You can see the place on your left handside when you are at the Jalan Lintas heading to Penampang bypass. Anyway, you can check out information about BFA from their fb page listed below:

      As of the pole dancing, i heard the rumors from the other fitness studio. I’ll update if anything new in KK 🙂

  2. Cielle says:

    Oh could it be baila fitness in iramanis? The owner ever mention of offering PD class but as of last year i see no pole at site ;p Really hoping that the pole dance class is happening soon ive been waiting for ages and aint getting any younger lol

  3. anggun3 says:

    oh? maybe? I’m not sure which studio that going to offer PD in KK. Well, let’s just cross fingers & somebody will offer the class here in KK 🙂

    Ha,ha Anyway, let’s just have fun dancing & salsa-ing around. I’m sure it’s just as fun as PD. I’m sorry as I can’t give much info of KK scene as I’m not based in KK now 🙂

    1. Shiela says:

      HI Cielle Baila fitness pole dance is coming soon ……sory for the delay due to some unexpected circumstances………..anything i will post and inform just go to Zumba Baila fitness kota kinabalu event thanks

      1. anggun3 says:

        Hey sheila! thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂
        I’m very interested in taking up pole dancing. Can I get a personalize crash course when I’m back in Kota Kinabalu for a week of holiday?

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